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Incredibrace Wrist Compression Sleeve – Bamboo Charcoal & Germanium

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Incredibrace Wrist Compression Sleeve – Bamboo Charcoal & Germanium


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Wrist Compression Sleeve with Bamboo Charcoal Blend

The wrist is a highly used joint that the body requires to be efficient in many different situations. Wrist pain and sore wrists can render an athlete, or active person, incapable of performing many of the tasks that they usually do on a daily basis. Rather than a less comfortable wrist brace or splint, this wrist strap is ideal for golfers, tennis players, and many other devoted athletes or active people.

Elastic Wrist Support Features

Quickly reduces pain and swelling to bring comfort to sore and exhausted hands, fingers and arms
Energizes users who are in need of an added wrist support
The incredible bamboo charcoal patented fiber blend in this wrist compression sleeve increases blood flow and oxygen to the area of the sleeve
Odor absorbing and moisture-wicking ultimate comfort for lengthy periods of time
Compression wrist sleeve adds relief and comfort for quick recoveries for both active and inactive wearers

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Along with the many symptoms that the Incredibrace wrist sleeve helps with, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the more common with roughly 3.7 percent of the United States having issues with the carpal tunnel. Things like repetitive stress, injuries, or medical conditions can cause the symptoms to arise. See our resource library to learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome, and on our blog you can learn more about what causes carpal tunnel. You can also view our wide selection of effective braces for carpal tunnel syndrome.

More about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and how the Incredibrace Wrist Compression Sleeve can Help

Numbness of the thumb, index, and ring finger are the main signs of the syndrome and can be intense enough to wake one from sleep. A brace or splint may be required during the recovery process, and the addition of the Incredibrace wrist compression supportd is ideal for more comfortable and quicker recoveries. Unlike the ankle where an ankle brace is sufficient, in severe cases, when splints and other treatments no longer work, the transverse carpal ligament is surgically removed. It is essential to have the most help and comfort possible, and the Incredibrace wrist sleeve provides this.

What the Wrist Sleeve is Ideal for

This elastic wrist strap aids in discomfort due to circulatory issues; including numbness, tingling and general wrist pain
Sports related injuries dealing with tendonitis, arthritis or repetitive use
Increases comfort and mobility for active people and to the recovery process

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